Not just simple images...

Enrico Molino Hi! I'm Enrico Molino, a professional wedding photographer specialized in location selected by you in Italy or abroad. I like travelling and I'm friendly with languages as English and French. I'm also an Elementary School Teacher working with 6 to 11 years kids. My dream, in fact, is to pass on the love for the real art of Photography to children, in the meantime, every year, I organize Photography courses for adults too. I'm certified member of the Italian 'Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti' National Professional Photographer Association. I love my work trying to emprove my technical skills everyday, photographing in a sensitive way every moment of your Wedding Day. I like to be very focused on every single detail in order to offer you the highest quality of my work turning your big Day in a memorable masterpiece. In my office or at your home I'm at your disposal for any further information concerning different proposals offered, helping you with details as Wedding Book and Video always following your couple style : traditional, contemporary or refined. I personally handle all the service and post production of photos and video to delivery of all products at your home, including Dvd with all pics and whole video. Hope to enjoy with you this Wonderful Day!

I've been working as a photographer during weddings and events since 10 years making pictures and post- producting films: I like reportage, telling with no lies your emotions. I’m also willing to follow a more classic, calm and composed style.

Trailer Cristina and Louis from Enrico Molino on Vimeo.